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Do I need a doctor's referral for physiotherapy treatment?

No, however, if you intend to claim for re-imbursement of treatment charges from your private health insurance company, you should contact them as they may require a GP or Specialist referral.

Can I claim for physiotherapy treatment under my medical insurance?

Yes, You must contact your medical insurance company before assessment and commencing treatment. They may need assurance that I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( Membership number: 043738 ) and Health Professions Council (PH 34017)
I will provide receipts for you to claim reimbursement yourself or alternatively, they will provide you with an authorisation / claim number to pass on, for me to claim reimbursement. In that case, I will also need the name and address of the insurance company as well as your claim and membership number.

What is electrotherapy?

This is the use of electricity around your injury or condition to produce different types of energy waves. These waves affect the body's tissues by reducing pain, swelling and muscle spasm and help strengthen muscles. This aids the healing process.

Can Physiotherapists manipulate?

Yes, Chartered Physiotherapists need appropriate post-graduate training to be qualified, as I am, to manipulate and I occasionally use these techniques with your permission.

Is it correct that heat and ice should be used to treat injuries?

They are useful in the correct circumstances. I will advise you on when and how to use these for your condition.

Should I stop my sports activity if I have suffered an injury?

That would be wise until I have had an opportunity to assess the situation and advise as to when you need to rest, work or play.

Should I bring medical notes and X-rays with me?

Any relevant information about your condition will help me make an informed assessment, so please bring x-rays, letters, reports and notes with you for your first visit.

How long will I have to wait for my first appointment?

I will always try to offer you an appointment within 4 days, often less.

How long does a session with a Physiotherapist last?

The initial assessment and treatment session lasts approximately one hour. Following treatments may vary but average half an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

Each individual's response to treatment varies, so there is no fixed number of treatments for each specific condition. However, following your initial assessment, I will discuss and agree an individual treatment plan and goals with you.

What should I wear?

Quite simply, dress comfortably in loose fitting clothes. Many conditions relate to posture, so, for example, although you may only have a foot problem, I may request that you remove your outer clothes so that I can see the posture of your spine and legs.

What will Physiotherapy cost?

Initial assessments may take up to 1 hour including the taking of notes and agreeing an appropriate treatment plan. The cost for this session will be £50. Thereafter each treatment session lasts about 30 minutes and costs £40. Remote Consultations are £48 / £38 respectively. Local Home Visits cost £60. Splinting £5 to £45.

How can I pay?

If you are paying for yourself then a bank transfer is preferred after each session, details will be provided, however a card machine is available. You can use your medical insurance company but may require prior authorisation and I can simply claim direct from them with your claim and membership numbers.